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    Old School GP1200: How To Replace Pump Stator, Bearings, and/or Driveshaft

    My pump veins (stator) were dinged up, bent, and cracked. I've seen worse, but I still wanted to replace it. Here's a write-up on how to do it. You can follow these instructions if you want to just replace the bearing or driveshaft also. Here's another sticky on the subject that some will find very helpful: Duke's Pump Bearing Install tips

    Tools/items needed:

    • Bench vise
    • Driveshaft holding tool
    • Adjustable cresent wrench(and maybe a cheater pipe on that)
    • A hydraulic press (can be done without press, see Duke's writeup)
    • Assortment of large sockets or pipes for pressing

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    • pull the impeller and driveshaft out by disconnecting the hoses and cables
    • Remove the the 4 long bolts
    • Remove the 2 bolts holding the nozzle up against the hull
    • Pull the stator, impeller, and d/shaft straight out the back

    You end up having this assembly on your bench

    Close up of the d/shaft holding tool in a vise

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    Let the work begin

    1. Remove Impeller. It spins off clockwise as you look at the front of it.

    2. The impeller comes off with this spacer. Save the spacer.

    3. Remove the cone and the nut inside the cone

    4. Place the pump in a press like this and press the shaft and bearing out

    5. It'll come out looking like this

    6. The other bearing and the seals will still be in the stator

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    7. Remove the seals with a screwdriver

    8. Use a large socket to press out the front bearing

    9. You now have a empty pump vein housing

    10. Press the rear bearing off the driveshaft. You now have a fully dissasembled d/shaft

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    Reassembly time:

    11. Pound the seals in with a socket

    12. Press the front bearing on the driveshaft. The two bearings are different, but don't worry you can't screw them up. The inside diameters are different and the won't fit on the wrong end of the shaft. There are stamped letters and numbers on the bearing. This bearing's numbers need to face out towards the impeller.

    13. The bearing needs to be pressed on 23mm from the edge of the where the prop threads end/seal surface start. Measured like this

    14. Fill the spacer with grease and slide it over the rear of the shaft and rest it against the front bearing. Warm up the stator housing and slide the shaft, bearing, and spacer into the housing. Press it in with a large socket until it bottoms out

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    15. Press in the rear bearing with the same large socket until it bottoms out. The stamped letters/numbers are supposed to face outwards towards the cone.

    16. Tighten the nut to 50 ft*lbs (place shaft in vise with holding tool.)

    17. Fill the cone with grease, replace the oring, and install the cone

    18. Place the impeller spacer and impeller on the shaft and tighten to spec(13 ft*lbs)

    You ARE DONE except for reinstalling everything back into the ski

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    Thanks for this one... I can be assured Ill have to do it @ some point. Looks like a pain for sure, but this well def help!

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    TTT...sticky maybe?

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