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    100 Hour Service on Ultra 250X?

    Just turned over 100 hours on my 07' Ultra 250X after buying summer of 09' Getting some use out of it anyway

    I was a pansy and bought a 36 mo. service agreement as I don't have the capability of really servicing it myself although I'm thinking twice about that. It's supposed to cover all service stated in the owners manual.

    The dealer comes out to the marina and services it on the Hydroport. Pretty much just changes the oil, filter, and plugs every 25 hours although the manual says 50 They also winterize/summerize it and put new plugs in the spring. Probably on it's 4th set of plugs although they were fine I'm sure.
    They certainly don't go thru the ski as the service manual states such as tightening hoses, clamps, etc. The ski has never even been put on it's side to look at the pump or intake either

    So what should I have them do at 100 hours? I'm guessing it will have to come out of the water as well to be worked on in the shop. I know the manual says inspect/adjust the valves however that seems a bit too soon. I also thought the SC belt was to be changed at 100 hours but I didn't see that, just inspect and adjust. When should that actually be serviced?

    And I'd like to be diplomatic about the whole thing and get what I supposedly paid for. I'd like them to do the 10' pump bearing update but not sure how to approach that.

    The dealer actually seems pretty good and I'm happy just don't like the skipping over the scheduled service stuff.
    Seems like it's the same as when you bring a new car to a dealer for say a 15,000 mi. service and they go thru a whole checklist of items but only change the oil and rotate the tires then charge $400.

    So any thoughts or help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    At least they are doing the most important things.

    At 100hrs I think the two biggest things to do are inspecting/adjusting the SC belt (mine broke at 200hrs) and checking the impeller clearance. I'm sure the others will chime in with more info and opinions soon.

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    I would have them remove pump and bring to 2011 specs. Shaft, new double front bearings and sleeve and new seals and new rear bearing check impeller clearance.


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    I forgot to say they do inspect and adjust the SC belt each time as well.

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    im there already

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    As per the service manual:

    Inspect throttle shaft spring (replace throttle body if necessary)

    Replace engine oil filter

    Check air suction valve (JT1500B7F Model)

    Inspect/adjust valve clearance

    Inspect/replace coupling damper

    Inspect impeller blades for damage (remove)

    Inspect steering cable/shift cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_more_rice View Post
    Would be interesting to see how compression on these four strokes is holding up after, say, 200 hrs
    I'm above 200hrs. I'll see about having the compression tested sometime. I'd be interested in the results as well.

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