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    Need help! Battery/security alarm issue on a 2007 VX cruiser


    I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but I purchased a new battery for my VX cruiser. It started fine so I pulled it over at the shore line. Went to start it again and there was turning over, no sound, nothing. So I tried the remote for the security and the gauges will only activate when I press the lock button. No single or double beep for "arm or "disarm".

    So I disconnect the battery and let it sit for a few minutes, reconnect the battery and it works the whole day and it's fine. OK, so it might be just a fluke. I tow it home, take it out the following weekend and the same thing happens. I've asked the Yamaha dealer and they are not sure...ask Yamaha direct and they have no clue. I know it's not the battery on the remote because I changed that out.

    Anyone have this happen?

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    Did you get this resolved yet? I may have same problem.
    Put battery back in today for first spring start-up and pressed fob button.... nothing at all - no dash panel, no beeps, no sign of powering up the ski at all. Battery was charged and also just one season old. Plan to try again tomorrow and perhaps try a different battery, although I doubt it is bad. Also questioning whether it is a fob problem...

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    I have a brand new 2011 VXR. Took it home and tried to start it in the driveway and had the same thing happen. Got a click then nothing. Tried security remote and I get sporadic things. Sometimes the security light will flash rapidly then fade out. Sometimes the security will do nothing either when lock or unlock button pushed. Disconnected the battery, reconnected it and ski started. My dealer said they had seen this happen once before and they did a lot of trouble shooting but never could figure it out but on that ski it went away so they did not pursue it. Took my ski out this weekend for the first ride. Put 1 hour on it. Stopped for a few min and when tried to start it same thing happened, no response, security light rapid blinking then come on solid dim and fade out to dark. Disconnected battery, reconnected battery started ski and got it back to my dock. Next day went out to ride and same problem, ski would not start. Disconnected battery, reconnected but could not get it to unfreeze. tried disconnect again and still no response. Took battery out and noticed that one cell is a little low on acid. Put a meter on the battery and am reading 12.65 volts. Going to talk to dealer tomorrow. I bought the battery back to town with me and plan to get the dealer to swap it for a new one to try that. This last time I actually did get the motor to turn over a few times and I let off the starter button to see if the engine was started, when I pushed the starter button again is when I got nothing.

    Update: I got a new battery from the dealer, actually upgraded to a gel battery. Installed the battery and went through several start/stop cycles last weekend and experienced no problems. Did not ride much last weekend, so I am not calling 100% solved yet, but I think it is looking pretty good that it was a bad battery causing my problems.
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