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    pro 1200

    alright so last winter i switched the ski over from oil injection to premix and cleaned the carbs while i was at installing new springs, jets and needles. I fogged it when i put it away, ran fine then and put stabilizer into the gas at the time of the fogging so it ran a max of 10-15seconds with the stabilizer in the gas tank.
    I took her out on tuesday of last week and it ran rough, fell on its face and you had to "finger" the throttle to get it past about 20 or it would die. I started with the low speed screws 1 1/4 turn out as the pro 1200 manual says, then went out to 2 1/2 and then to 3 until they looked good, but it still ran like crap, falling on its face and running rough and reaching a top speed of about 50 when it ran last year about 67.
    With the plugs good i continued to ride (easy, maybe 35 - 40 tops) hoping the seafoam that i put in the tank at the beginning of the day would help clean out any junk in the carbs that built up over the winter. I was at about 40 and i heard a noise and stopped and checked plugs and the mag and center were good and brown and the pto was gray and had burned a hole in the piston about the size of a quarter. I towed it back to the trailer and that was it.

    The rough running- did the carbs build up some junk over the winter and I should of removed them and cleaned them prior to riding??

    I found a piston and associated gaskets at shopsbt for about 130 all together.

    So what about the carbs and the rough running. Thank you in advance

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    Seafoam does not help, it merely fools you into thinking you are doing something while in reality the problem is still happening.

    Sounds like one of the carbs was not working properly and ran that cylinder too lean.

    15 seconds of run time after putting stabilizer in the fuel is not enough to mix and circulate through the entire fuel system. What stabilizer did you use?
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    It's hard to tell the way you typed it, but did you actually use the ski after going through the carbs or did you just put it up for the season? If you used it, how much time did you have on the carb rebuilds?

    What year Pro?

    What ratio are you premixing it at?

    When you rebuilt the carbs, did you check your needle arm height?

    When you were done, did you check Pop Off pressure?

    What was in there for jets and what did you switch to?

    Did you hook both pulse lines back up?

    Lots of reasons it could be running crappy, but you lost a slug so it might have been starving for fuel the whole time.

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    i used sta-bil marine stabilizer. thank you

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    CrazyA, no i didnt have the chance to run the ski after i reinstalled the carbs. It did start up easily and idled good when i fogged it for the winter.

    checked the arm height and pop-off both good
    it was 142 mag, 138 center, 145 pto and i switched it to 142mag , 145 cen, 138 pto.
    #65 lows and #42 pilots

    I hooked the two black lines on the bottom of the carb back up where they were when i took the carbs off. Im guessing those are the pulse lines?

    I put new intake gaskets when i did the carb.

    Im gonna clean the carbs, place a new cylinder and gaskets and go from there. Does that sound alright?


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    I think I read somewhere from Sta-Bil that they said to run the engine 10-15 minutes. I have been using the Marine stuff for a while. So far so good.

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    Why did you change out the jets?

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    to switch it back to stock

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