i just installed msd enhancer and ECWI to my 96xp 787, alone with every other bolt on you can buy for these things.

took my sweet time making sure it assembled correctly and with a clean look.

got all done n hooked up battery...tapped start buttom to check that i had power...lights came on so i know it did.

installed key n turned ski over for a sec just to make sure that everything was all correct looking/sounding...(just installed motor)....turned right over and sounded perfect

Gas tank was empty, so i added gallon of gas and primed it by blowing in fuel return.

then went to install key and test for start..= NO POWER

battery fully charged, bilge works, and lights on water injection flicker when you flip the switch. But other then that, ski had no power. I had no OHM tester, nor know how to use one... i didnt have oil in oil resivour yet, but im not sure that that would make ski go into a shut down mode...?...?

anyone got any ideas what to do or where to start...

FYI: ski ran perfect for mods ha