Before i start, let me say that i have been all over this forum looking for answers and those i have got havent really answered my questions.

I own a GTI LE RFI 2005 2 Stroke Seadoo. I have a few answers about some basic mods, Intake Grates and Rider plates, blocking up certain holes. What i would like to know is what out the the following can be modified and will help.

Water intake pipe - is this the big pipe, and can it be made bigger and out of polished stainless steel, will this help.

Air Intake - from what i understand these skis are Water cooled, but obviously require an air filter/intake pipe, can this also be made bigger etc and a Free flowing filter be added ie a Pod Filter

Injectors - more fuel injected, better outcome. is this the case?

hopefully im on the right track, your info will be much appreciated