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    Yamaha gp 1200 tripple pipes question?

    Hey guys im wondering if i should get a single pipe , keep the stock pipe, or buy a set of tripple pipes for my ski. I mainly ride my ski in the surf but want to get a bit more power out of her and would like to put the tripples on it . But someone has told me that from previous research the tripple pipes for ocean use will not be suited for me and have a good chance of cracking the pipes can anyone else give me some more info and opinions cheers

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    Do you have any mods done to the ski? If you're not at the point where triples are the next thing you can possibly do to it I'd recommend doing simpler, cheaper, dependable mods first. Triples will usually necessitate mixing race & pump gas, never had triples so I can't tell you anything about them cracking except I heard that they often do. I'd suggest a Jetworks flow control valve in your exhaust, aftermarket Flame arrestors, A/M impeller, Get stock heads milled down to raise compression, reeds & stuffers, modify stock carbs.. Here is a very good link you should look at

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