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    Waterbox / Muffler Issue

    I have a 2008 Speedster 200. It appears the coating on both of the mufflers is bubbled and starting to peel/ flake . Are these coated with something that is commercially available. I thought about touching them up with hi-temp paint but this appears to be a little thicker.

    Any one have any idea if they are ceramic / powder coated ? Just don't want the rubber straps to melt sitting on bare metal ? Any ideas

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    The water box should never get close to being hot enough to melt anything...

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    Yeah I figured that. Not sure why it's doing it. I'l have to get the chargers back from Jerry and get it under power in the water and hit with a temp gun until I decide to touch up with hi temp paint.

    I did suck up some weeds that threw a temp light two seasons ago and it did overheat. Took it to the dealer then for routine stuff and they saw when they pulled the data and told me nothing to worry about and it has been fine since and I've never seen the light come on again.

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    I noticed last year that mine is starting to do the same thing. The coating is starting to disbond.

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