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    Removing Coupler from Intermediate

    So, how are you removing it. I don't have some other part from another ski to hold it and a vise will not do either. I dread ordering another single use tool that take weeks on end to get.

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    Best bet IMO would be to re-install the pump without the cone and try to hold the nut that may hold the shaft. Lots of torquing with that method, though.

    I can send you the hillbillydeluxe tool from my bud if you want (Tigershark driveshaft w/nut welded).

    I owe you a couple favors.

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    I just took my IH to the local dealer - charged me 1/2 hr labor to swap the stock for the billet coupler.

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    I just bought another intermediate since mine had over 160 hours on it anyway.
    Always the hard way

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