Just gone out on ski and dash clocks gone/stopped working. Ski is working perfect they have just stopped lighting up. Ski is a 2007 RXP. I have checked the fuse and all the wiring to them looks ok. I gave not checked them with a multiple-meter yet.

If it turns put the clocks are scrap and I need a new set, other than buying a new set from Seadoo it there any other options and if so what and how much are they.

If I was to go down the aftermarket route I wouldn't be bothered if there was no speedo. Has anybody ever made a custom set. I would not really want to spend much more than around 700usd as that is around the price of the Seadoo units here in the uk I believe.

Any help or links to a thread of someone who has bone this before would be appreciated. Making custom panel to fit in the standard dash hole would not be a problem for me to make.