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    info needed

    hi chaps. need some top hat nuts that the ride plate screws into. there stuck to hull with green glue stuff, whats is this stuff, what can i get it , the 2 rear ride plate screws have broked in the top hats advice please, many thanks keith

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    Do you want to remove the broken bolt stubs from the hull inserts, or remove the hull inserts themselves?

    Removing the broken bolt stubs may be doable. Depends on how badly you want them out

    If Locktite type compound was used on the threads then apply focused torch heat to the bolt end will cause the compound to break down and stop holding the threads. I use a tiny butane torch with a pin point flame.

    Note that stainless steel has some odd properties. One thing is that when left tightened, the SS metal in the threads tends to increase its 'grip' over time. The two surfaces can seem to 'weld' themselves together.

    And SS does not like impact tools. It is easy to twist the head off a SS bolt.

    The key is to do everything you can to weaken the bonds holding the threads together, before you start trying to undo the bolt. Heat, penetrant soaking, tapping on the head. And patience.

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    thanks keith. i think it might be easy to cut the glue, that holds the top hat on and re glue, need some tophats, and what glue and sealer would do a stong job. are theres tophats rivited and glued or just glued.
    many thanks

    ps there the rear 2 on the ride plate

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