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    easter day ride video fail(no video)

    so my buddy and I went out on our fzr(s) along with a SHO cruiser and rxp and rxt. i set up the go pro, 3m bracket on the rear. and suction on the side and front(one camera diff Locations). anyhow. days goinging great. well the last 30 min of hour run(3 1/2 hours into our day). I let off the throttle a little debating on taking the cam off the fornt and putting it away getting a bad feeling. just as i thought that it pops off. I am not pissed off about loosing the cam. im pissed about loosing 3 hours fo footage. lol. That cam is bad carma. nothing but probs with it. First day I set it up on my evo, I Hit black ice in a tunnel and smack a wall. so it in the somerpoint(nj) channel taping some flounder or crabs walking into a crab trap. i just wanted to share that with you guys since i was gonna post a nice video up of today.

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    thats a wounder. did you have a good days skiing tho...

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    I thought those go pro floated. I would of tied a shoe string to it from the back tie down. Just in case. That to bad I would of like to see your video. Sound like you guys had fun.

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    ya was a good run. ya when i got to the water i relized i didnt have anything to teather it with.\

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    Been there done that. I have a couple go pro's with some killer vid laying on the bottom of the river. Like you , I was more pissed about losing the vid.

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    ya thats how i feel. 3 hours of some nice videos high tide back bay water trails. ya.

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