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    2004 STX 15F ride improvements

    Forgive me if this topic has been discussed previously.
    I have decided to keep a perfect '04 15F with 65 hours on it. I would like to improve the ride. I also ride a 250x that handles great.
    I read and hear great things about the 15F but unless I am on calm water the ride is rough.
    Are there recommendations to improve the ride of this stock ski.
    P.S. Getting ready for the season at Lake Cumberland Kentucky. This makes the 20th year that I have been riding.

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    Larry - I know you from Just bought a 15f and from the research that I have done, the number one improvement for ride seems to be the shreadmaster ride plate, with the R & D plate making it better but coming in 2nd.

    I have not tried either, the above is based only on what other have stated in forums... That said, the 15f has somewhat of a flat bottom and will ride more rough than skis with more of a deep vee. The flatter bottom is one of the reasons it will do over 60MPH with only 160hp.

    see ya on the lake. Captain Ahab...

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    Shredmaster all the way. It's worth the extra money.

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    Go with the Shredmaster!!!!! I did

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