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    Nice oily shower on engine bay!!!!

    hi guys, have a question, i put the ski on the water today after 6 months, was running like a champ and all sudenly i got a oilP code on dash, got back on the dock on limp mode, remove the seat and i found oil everywhere, i checked oil filter by hand cant see it but feels ok, for what i can feel oil is coming from front of the engine, any ideas were to start looking, i dont mind removing the all engine but i don't know if this engine have some weak point for oil leaks the ski has only 60 hrs on it, any help would be great??


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    My STX-12F started leaking oil from an cracked oil cooler when the ski had 50 hours on it. It was replaced by the dealer under warranty. I would start there.

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    rocker cover loose? start looking at the basics

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    Heading to reapership tomorrow, lest see what they come up with, i know the ski is out of warranty is a 2006, so im going get f...
    will post findings, btw i must have at least 2 gallons of oil in the hull rigth now

    how hard is to remove the engine???? im thinking in atacking this my self

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    Removing engine is a lot easier than putting it back.
    if you don't find any obvious culprit for the leak, you may have a cracked oil pan. A loosened or extra bolt/nut that you might have dropped got jammed between the oil pan and the hull floor and punched a hole in the oil pan. There is not much space and I've seen it happening on 12F and 15F.

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    Hey AJ,
    I was @ Pine street this last Saturday for a little while. I seen somebody was out there on 2 Kawis. Once was being towed by another. The one being towed was pulling a tube. Was that you?

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    nop, i was in the river friday and sunday, and i broke down sunday i just talk to wfo i may send it up to houston, hes pretty busy so will suck to be down for month or so, no one locally???? i would wrench it but have no room, staying on my rv rigth now and is no wrenching allowed in this park

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