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    What is the cost of a brand-new 2011 FX SHO/Dealer Cost?

    I have been riding off and on since 1997, and looking at selling a virtually brand new 2009 fx sho, but I was wondering what the actual dealer cost is for a 2011 fx sho, not the MSRP that they advertise. My wife is in a family way, and thinking a boat is probably in my near future. Can't see taking a baby out on my FX SHO LOL.

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    Heh, just spent all day yesterday on my 09 FX SHO with my 4 year old and wife on the back. it was a blast! We went exploring and found some secluded beaches along the river that we didnt know about. I wouldnt take a baby out on it, but my 4 year old was no problem. He was enthralled by the whole experience.

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