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    Gp1200r help with mods please :)

    Hey all im new here this is my first post, i own a gp1200r 2003, currently all stock except a custom home made twin 3 inch exhaust outlet (for looks). i work at a marine mechanic join in west australia, ive finannly decided to do some serious work to my ski but need some more parts and help from everyone else, so far i have fully stripped the ski to a bear shell and started from scratch, ive been anal with the ski, fixed up or rebuilt absolutley everything btw im 16 years old ive fully rebuilt the motor with wsm platinum rebuild kit, had the head skimmed to get 150psi comp, replaced the seals and bearigs in the intermediate shaft, the ONLY thing not done is the bearings in the prop housing, ive had a full re-spray in bright orange with prizmatic glitter put in and resprayed the blue plastics black the seat is custom cut for my little legs and ive just fitted pro taper bars, i have bought a set of factory pipe triples and a FP which ill receive in a few weeks, the other bits i need to purchase is an advent cdi, flame arrestors, and all the parts to rebuild the carbs to suit the pipes, (jets, T-bars, remove chokes, primer kit, blah blah blah) and ive also capped off the oil injection as i cannot afford to have her seize up over something that i can prevent now, if anybody can point me in the right direction for the parts i need to buy if they know anybody selling or ebay.. once i have her running again and the pipes are tuned and so on i dont want to do any more mods for a while, im on a tight budget so cannot afford to, ive also bought a RnD twin and single bar grate but undecided which to run with my setup, i have a 13-19R skat-trak impeller and everything else is stock, sorry for dragging on, anybody help me?? cheers Josh

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Sounds like your well on your way to a nice ski. you didn't mention anything about pump tunnel reinforcement or replacing the intake and ride plate hull inserts. now would be a good time to do those wile you got it stripped down. theres a lot on here about moding your ski

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    yes i forgot to mention that... i will be doing the reinforcement and putting stainless steel strips inside and tapping threads into them and sixaflexing them down so the bolt dont simply rip thru the hull :/ the other thing i looked at doing was the pump pressure relief mod. i just need help finding the parts to suit the triples, if anybody had any parts i need like ignition or carby parts let me know cheers guys

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