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    May 2005
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    I f'd up real good tonight

    women, alcohol, 4am, both your ex girlfriends at the same place same time, one you happen to be "seeing" again secretly.... both girls used to be best friends until i f'ed up years ago and screwed around with the best friend and swapped back and forth

    they talked this week first time in years, and saw each other tonight thx-giving eve for first time since i was 16 years old...

    2nite was DISASTER in public... i went to a bar first, then a club, then stopped by this otehr place they were at late 2nite.... BAD idea..

    i f'd up bad... i can't even think, and i dont know where to start, but thank god a really really good friend was present to tame the whole situation and help me.


    just needed to do what this sub-forum says... VENT MY FRUSTRATIONS

    i need to get out on the water and ride a ski right now like you would not believe

    people always ask, what's the one thing in life u regret... i never had one in particular, not a real good one, but 2nite was the regret of a lifetime, i fcuked up gooooood

    i'm really just typing to myself, halfway coherent about 2nites events, halfway still drunk, halfway thanking every f'n god in the heavens that the cop that pulled out of a side street at 4am behind me after i rolled a stop sign didn't stop me or my life would have been damn near over and miserable for being an ignorant inconsiderate prick behind the wheel

    ...... i can't wait for tomorrow. why? ... CHANGE... it's long overdue. time to get a grip and put a head on my sholders. i thought i was half way intelligent, but i realize how much i really have left to learn and how bad a wake up call can make you think twice about your everyday habits and lifestyle

    it's like my own personal little blog writing this chit here right now, but who the hell else am i gonna talk to at 4:45... so i write to myself in a public forum, go figure..... this will definitely be a post i delete in the morning when i wake up (altho sometimes not waking up seems like a dream come true) ... that was stupid

    i'm taking a break from the "usual" things that are "me" ..... i'll be back eventually, i just need a break

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    shibbster!!!! im ****ing wasted too hahaha!!! time to pop in some advil and go to bed lol

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    Ahh to be young agian....If I had a dollar for all the stupid things I did in my 20's I would not have to work thru my 30's...

    If you only knew where I was when I was 25...Dude if I could smarten up ANYONE can...Look were I am @ now...@ 35 in 5 years it ALL turned around for me...

    For you...all of this is just a learning process still..
    Better and worse times are yet to come...

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    gotta take the good with the horrible and learn from your mistakes

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    Almost a DUI? Ahh man,,,have 5 first offenses, 2 plead down to careless op and 2 washed under rug. Gotta have lwayers who are also judges. Shibby, you have got your chit together waaaay ove rme at your age. Its ok. Sometimes you just gotta say,,,What Tha PHUC!

    rule #1: Never sweat the small stuff.
    rule #2: everything is small stuff.

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    as long as you LEARN from your mistakes, then your good to go. Believe me, I got stories that will make you feel like a nobel prize winner, but we all make mistakes.

    They make for good stories later in life.

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    If your going to quit drinking, quit it. I did 8 years ago. It was simple, I did the same thing you did. Woke up one morning and said phuc it. I drink on occassion now. Maybe once every 3 months. I don't drive when I drink. Its cheaper to take a cab home and a cab back to the car in the morning than it is to deal with a DUI case, which is the least worries when you get a DUI. DUI's usually cause more damages, the worst is to take someones life. That would be something hard to deal with. We've all got stories, its how you deal with it to make it right that makes you a man.
    As far as the women go, phuck them. There are more out there. Don't dwell over women, they are the reason for every man's demise, hahahaha. But the saying is true, behind ever good man stands a woman. So if your woman loves you, she'll stay behind you. If not, she was never there. Better to learn that now than later after your married.

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    Ex girlfriends should remain ex girlfriends. They will almost never give up the baggage that screwed things up in the first place.
    When things happen that really bother you they usually turn out to be the best lessons.

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    shibbs, what happened? where you with one and then ran into the other, what no huggs and kisses, what no 3 way???...PR...

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