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    Polaris Acting Up?!?!?!

    Hey guys.......was talking to a buddy of mine and he's having a problem with his 785. He says that the ski rev wtihout a problem out of water.....but once in the water, it start to rev up then bogs. Then when applying will start to rev up and then bog down again. I was talking to a neighbor of mine and he was thinking it was the carbeurator diaphragms.
    What do u guys think? Anything else my buddy should be looking for?

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    Did he just buy it?

    When did it start to have performance issues?

    Did he mess with the carb adjustments?

    How old is the gas?

    Is there any water in the water seperator?

    Does pulling the choke help or make the bog worse?

    When was the last time the carbs were rebuilt?

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