Hallo everyone here in the forum,i am sending you from greece.
Iam have an rxpx 09 255,and i have put a lot of things form riva parts.
My project is stage 3 riva,put i have a problem since i put the extension kit +50 and ride plate with the opoen loop of riva on my jet,before i put this at the summer with a lot of tempretur with 15-22 impeller with 4 wings,and 81 ring i saw lots of eazy 81 mph and 8650 rpm,but after i put the extension kit and the ride plate,when it goes at 8000rpm it does a jump in the air,just like it is in the air.Know i will put a 15.5-22.5 an 80 or 79 ring maybe it will stop it,i dont know where i will start to look and change some think,and stop the problem
Sorry about my english,and if anyone know any solution if anyone have see this,please i will be very pleased to have a help.