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    99' SLX 1050 pump help

    My ski sat a while needing carbs gone through and when we kid the carbs we found that the pump had siezed. The impeller was jammed to the wear ring, after alot of file and sanding work it was free enough to turn but after less than ten minutes in the water the empeller gone. my question is will a new wear ring and impeller fix it or is it worse and if so wear can I fing the parts reasonable I am planning to sell the ski when fixed.

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    Sounds like you have corrosion between the stainless and aluminum in your wear ring
    This usually happens in saltwater skis

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    New wear ring, refurbish or replace impeller.

    While you have it off, check or replace the bearings and seals inside the stator.

    If you ride in salt water and have an extended jet pump, look for a stainless steel wear ring.

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