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    What is the Max RPM for a 1.8 FX HO?

    Howdi everyone! Have a 1.8L FX HO with low hours that's only done 60.5 mph GPS since new. Most seem to do 63-63.5 mph GPS. Impeller's perfect (haven't checked clearance yet). Never ingested anything, including sand since new. Not sure if it's pulling max rev's and don't trust the analog tach.

    Recorded some YDIS data while doing a few WOT runs. YDIS shows 7375-7410 rpms at WOT. Is this normal or possibly low? Average throttle valve reading 80.2. Timing is BTDC 24. Fuel injection duration averages around 6.2.

    ECM has never thrown any error codes. Always displayed 01 (no errors). Replaced plugs (checked gap). Air filter is like new. All TPS and APS readings good.

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    If I remember correctly around 7,500 RPM. 63 MPH is what is published, but who knows where they get that number.
    A stock SHO does about 64-65 mph stock, so I think 63 for a stock HO may be a touch high. In the end, I doubt there is anything wrong at all.

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