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    how hard is riva free flow and dplate install

    hey guys im about to order riva freeflow exhaust and dplate. My buddy told me that is realy hard to do but he is also not mechanically inclined and i am. I was just wondering whats involved in the install? Im guess the only thing that could be dificult is that the parts arnt easy to get to to install them.

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    We assume this is for a GP 1200/1300.....easy even a caveman can do it...j/k...seriously use a little soapy water to connect the blue FF tube to waterbox and tail piece, makes its easier...also its recommended to double clamp the connections ..its been known to come loose over time...get the gp1300 manual for torque lbs on D plate bolts....make sure the rubber boot that connects the stinger and the U pipe when your doing the Dplate, has the little pipe outlet on the bottom like originally was...take pics...

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    Free flow is a bit of a hassle by yourself. Do as WFO has advised to install at hull exit: buy 3 extra bolts, cut off heads, thread into hull mounting plate, put exhaust in place and threaded rods will stick through mounting holes in hull, remove one at a time and replace with bolts.

    On D-plate, do as Dave advises regarding photos, or download a factory service manual. All tabs and flanges must match up to install correctly. Make sure you re-connect the thru-hull hose at top of exhaust stinger that carries exhaust-cooling water out of the hull. It tends to fill up one's hull with water very quickly if you forget.

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