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    Can U identify these carbs ?

    picked these up with some misc novi parts, manifold, and novi head and originally thought these were 1st Gen Novi's but according to Tim at Novi Tech, there not.
    No other markings or indications. I was going to send him a few pic's, but I thought what the heck, lets test your brains. They definitely appear to be some form of racing carb and the owner if I remember correctly said they came off a 96 xp.

    Again they came with a ton of Novi Parts and were sold as "older novi 46's" I haven't lost money out of the deal I bought them real right and since the head itself was perfect for the application i'm good, but now i'm trying to figure out what I have here.

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    Boswell carbs

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    Possible from riva ... The used to modifiy sbn carbs And the bomb site looks like there's

    I though full-spectrum at first but to early

    Could be bosewell like posted above

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    thanks for the quick responses,
    well, I talked to tim z, these are NOT boswells, so another eliminated.
    haven't eliminated full spectrum totally yet,
    never thought about riva.. hmm
    or basically they could be one of the many "copy's" out there from yrs ago when everybody was trying something new.
    ok, the search continues, if no luck, they'll probably go up for auction on fleabay.

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