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    Engine rebuild and considering piston skirt coating

    I have been researching and looking for parts to build an engine for my 05 GTX NA for quite a while. Last May I broke a rod and broke cases, counter bal shaft, starter, etc.

    Finally bought a used case and have the following piston clearances:

    #1 0.0025", #2 0.0035", and #3 0.0035"

    Service limit is 4 thou per shop manual. I don't like being that close to the limit on two cylinders and am considering the PC-9 skirt coating from Swain Tech. They say a build up of 0.0008" which will get me back to 0.0019" total clearance. At $18 per piston I like the price.

    Some OEM pistons like Mahle come with coatings and I can't find much of anything bad about Swain. Anyone see a reason not to do this?

    Also if I still measure between 0.018" - 0.020" ring gap clearance should I reused old ring which had less than 60 hours?


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    go with the coating, replace the rings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Going with coating. May use Calico. Haven't seen anything bad on them either. Told me 3 days turn around versus 2 weeks from Swain.

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