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    Overtorqued Impeller

    Hello, I am trying to remove my solas dynafly. I have broken two impeller inserts. I tried heating the end up a little and still had no luck. I know the impeller is reverse threads. What do you guys suggest before I cut this impeller off?

    Thanks in advance,
    David, Tampa

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    I'd suggest calling Dave at Impros for advice, or just sending it to them to remove.

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    First of all, welcome to the forum !

    * A propane torch on the hub should loosen the tension.

    * And double check you are going in the correct direction.

    * You may want to get more leverage and use a cheater bar.

    > similar past situation

    * There are several members on the forum that live in Tampa.

    Give some of our florida forum guru's a call;
    i.e.) mtrager, gprpitman, GPR FL, nater785P

    One of them has a shop, hisname is Jim.

    He may have some tips for you.

    jim's performance
    36258 us 19 n. palm harbor, fl 34684
    business # (727)786-1177
    cell # (727)365-5132

    check this link out also>

    Apply ample amounts of heat to the hub.

    Upon reinstall, apply antiseize on the threads.

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    Great post Billy.

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    Thanks for the advice,
    I used some heat on the prop. I may not have used enough. I was worried about the seals in the prop being damaged. I took it to a nearby yamaha dealership and they broke their insert too. I used a huge pipe wrench with alot of leverage. I am also positive I went the right direction. Thanks Woody for the post. I used this method the other times I took the prop off. I don't think I torqued the prop enough when I put it back together. Do you guys suggest using alot more heat and risk damaging the seals? Thanks for the welcome. This forum is a great communication for the newbies. I will get in touch with Jim.
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    Hello David, If you broke a couple insert tools trying to get the impeller out. If you put to much heat you will melt the seals, What i do is take the rear cap out then take out the drive shaft nut and press out the drive shaft and impeller together. Then i put it on the vice and then you can put direct heat inside the impeller were it screws on to the shaft without damaging anything, Then it will break loose. If you have any question or if you want to drop it of just give me a call. Thank you, Jim

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    Hey Jim, I'll give you a call after the Holiday. Have a good Turkey Day.

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    I would take it to Jim. He is a great guy and will help you out.
    If you are breaking inserts just stop now! You are going to damage
    the driveshaft or the prop.

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    10-4 Duke, I know Jim and your right. I have all the confidence in Jim's knowledge. He has helped me out in the past. He will be hearing from me soon. I would like to get together for a ride with you and Mtrager someday.
    I managed a golf course and we are planting our winter grass, so my time has been spent here. Should be able to ride soon, hopefully.

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