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    Went to the river today!

    Hi all! My name is Jason. I finished my 96 gsx up a few weeks ago, I got the ski used needing a crank kit in it. So I purchased an SBT crank assy for it. After mic'ing the crank my self, I found it to be a flawlessly rebuilt component. I got the wsm upper end kit, bored the cyl 1 mm. chamford all of the ports perfectly. I gave the exhaust side a recreational port. Clearenced my raves, milled the heads just enough to clean them. .010 max. I upd my mains 1 size and turned my low speeds to compensate for the k&N flame arrestor and installed. I spent most of the morning putting aournd, accellrating, a few high speed runs. Just to get it broken in. I have a extra qt of oil mixed with my 5 gallons of gas.

    My Max rpm today was 6950. This was after about 45 minutes of riding. The Clynders are ported, along with the manifold,
    At about half throttle around 3800 rpms, i hear a burbling in the exhaust like maybe the low speed screws are a little to far open?

    The is my first jetski rebuild by the way. I am very happy.

    Thoughts, questions, concerns?

    Thank you Guys!!!!!!!

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    the bubbling is probably a bog or a hesitation, you dont use the ls adjust to compensate for flame arrestors. The ls adjusters are just for getting a smooth idle, and just off idle like 1/8th throttle. You need to up the ls jets, and maybe lower the pop off pressure. If I were you and didnt plan on doing any crazy mods in the near future, I would go up 1 or 2 sizes on the ls jets, and see if it still bogs/hesitates. If it does then go up a n&s size and try again. Use the idle screw to set it around 3000 out of water, or 1500 in, then play with the ls adjusters to get it as smooth as you can. Youll know you got the lower jetting right when you can gun it off idle and it not hesitate at all. For the hs jet and hs adjuster you read the plugs after a plug chop to see if your jetting is right. 1/3 to 3/4 throttle is hs jet territory, then 3/4 to wide open is hs adjusters. Go about a little more then half throttle for 30 seconds of so, then pull the lanyard off without letting go of the throttle, just kill it. Take the plugs out quick and see what color the porcelain is, you want a brownish tan color. Dark brown or black is rich, and very light or white is lean. If its lean, go up another size on hs jets, if its rich, vise versa. Do it again at wide open throttle. Id put the hs adjusters at 1 1/2 turns out to start just to be safe, then lean it out from there till the plugs are brownish tan. It helps if you ride with the seat off doing this.

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    That is awesome information! Thank you so much! One thing I guess I should have said as well, this happens, as soon as the raves open up it goes good. The burbbling is most noticed around 4000-4600rpms. We are supposed to have warm weather this weekend so I am going to use your suggestions. Thanks!

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    just curious where do you have access to jets and stuff? Just the dealer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burton2323 View Post
    just curious where do you have access to jets and stuff? Just the dealer?
    No, I have a huge lot of them. I bought out some inventory at a Polaris dealership a while back. I dont always have the jet I need, and some times i will have like 10 145's. I have a machinest drill set too, so I will drill some out from say 1.475mm to 1.48 or 1.50 to try it. Then I will hunt for the one that fits.

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    Id try 75 pilots and 145 mains. If it still doesnt run right then go to 2.0 needle and seat with 80 gram spring. Thats r&d's recommendations, and i think the k&n arrestors are really similar

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    I went out yesterday. I had 75 pilots and 146 mains. The burbling sound was noticably better. I am getting 6990 rpms from it on my tach after about 10-12 seconds of wot. My plugs still look a little dark, but im wondering if that could be from the excess oil? I am almost at the point of having to refuel it. I have 1.3 hours total runtime. I still havent messed with the high speed adjusters yet. They are 1.5 turns out.

    Another question that may be dumb, but I will ask it anyway. On a gps, do you have to subtract water current speed? In other words, I got a reading of 51 mph. but when I was sitting there not running, the current was moving me 4-6 mph. We have had heavy rains and the river was high and moving very quickly. I am not really worried about topspeed. I just wanted a ski that jumps out of the water good. I ran my daughter and her boyfriend on my other ski, 650 polaris, I had always thought that ski took off quick. I was surprised to have jumped in front as fast as I did! So far I am very happy with the way it is running!

    Oh yeah, if I didnt mention, I am still on the stock pipe, impeller, nozzle.


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    good to hear! as for the oil, are you premixing or using the oil pump? if your using the oil pump, take a small mirror and hold it in front of the pump until you can see the metal slot lines. The oil pump will be set right when those 2 slot lines line are alligned. of they already are then your plugs are dark from running rich, and you can lean the hs adjusters in more.

    I couldn't find a mirror so I had to improvise. I created a proper distraction, then proceeded to sneak one of my girlfriends makeup containers outside. Do this at your own risk.

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    I set my oil pump a little on the rich side when I put my cables back on. I was probably a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch past the line. I did put a quart of oil in the fuel also. Im going to fill it up with gas when I go back out probably next week sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonsrt4 View Post

    ....Another question that may be dumb, but I will ask it anyway. On a gps, do you have to subtract water current speed? In other words, I got a reading of 51 mph. but when I was sitting there not running, the current was moving me 4-6 mph. We have had heavy rains and the river was high and moving very quickly.....

    Yes! If you're traveling with the current(downstream), subtract off the current speed because your gps speed will be add the current movement speed to your ski's speed. Likewise, if you're going upriver, you'd add back in the current speed for a true gps reading.

    I have to do the same thing with incoming and outgoing tides although my water current speeds are only about 2mph.

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