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    JS550 Fuel Line Restrictor

    So I bought a JS550 that's been modded to the tee only thing that it'll need is a 44mm carb. But until then... The rev limiter has been removed and I hear that on the return line you need a Restrictor so it slows the flow of fuel back to the tank so the engine doesn't run lean. How should I go about doing that? I heard a .03" brass fitting?

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    yes, you will need a restrictor of some sort. you can either make one, or i have in line RIVA ones here that are tuneable, it has a mikuni main jet, that is replaceable. it comes with a 115. 17.00 + s&h

    please email, or call if i can help.

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    An easy way to accomplish this is to use a 1/4" plastic barbed fitting and screw in the Mikuni main jet of your choice.

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    The fuel line is small enough you can probably just shove a jet into the return line right after the carb. I would try a Mikuni #90, maybe even smaller.

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