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    Water in center cylinder?

    I recently had my 2000 GP1200R top end rebuilt due to low compression in the center cylinder. I had 105 front and rear and 75 in the center. The piston was toast when we pulled the head so I had that cylinder and piston replaced and new rings put on the other 2 and all are at 125 psi now. 2 outings ago after riding i was flushing the ski and I noticed when I hit the throttle a little bit one of the head bolts was turning (backing out) and I noticed a litlle bit of oil and what looked to be mixed with water around the base of the head bolt. Had that milky gray look to it. Only reason I knew what to look for was because i recently had an oil seal go bad in my boat and had to have the outdrive pulled and a new seal put in. I didnt think much of it at the time, just thought ok so the mechanic missed tightening one of the head bolts. I tightened it down and checked the torque on the rest of the bolts and thought nothing of it. Just assumed that the compression was blowing some oil out around the loose bolt and since I was cleaning and flushing it some water on the head had mixed with that little bit of oil and in turn it looked a little milky. Last time out I noticed that when the ski has sat for awhile and then started as soon as i give it throttle it would bog down and cut out. Once its warmed up no problem at all. Well today I was installing my waveeater clip and when I pulled the center cylinder PV cover it had a build up of milky oil loooking goop. Now I am concerned that water may be getting in the cylinder and this may have something to do with the ski bogging down last time out. Question is where would water be coming from to get in there, how can I prevent it and what is my next step. Im a bit nervous to run the ski again until I get this problem resolved but also wonder if maybe I do need to run it again to see if tightening the head bolt fixed the problem and the milky goop inside the PV may have been residual buildup from before when the head bolt was loose. After all if oil can come up through the bolt hole whats to stop water from going down into the bolt hole. What do you guys think?

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    Sounds like the head bolts weren't torqued correctly, one backed out, and the head gasket is now leaking. You will have to pull the head off and have a look. Also, I'd check the head for flatness, to make sure its not warped and that it is free from dings in the sealing surface.

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