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    Problems with Sea doo rxt

    We were on the lake just crusing around and all of a sudden the sea doo makes a loud beeeep for about 2 seconds and "h temp" comes onto the screen which I think means high temp. We then drove it back to the park which was about 10 minutes away and it would only do 45 max the whole way their. I started reading some of these forums that day looking to see if anyone else had this problem and I saw something about to much oil in the engine and it had just gotten serviced before this happened so I thought they may have put to much oil in so I siphoned out about 5 ounces of oil and then took it to the lake to test it again still nothing happened so then I took it into a shop to get it worked on and they said the prop was shiny like something had been wrapped around it and that the reason it was going so slow was because it was in "limp" mode. They said they had a machines that turned limp mode off and that it was probably just something stuck in their and found it way back out so today I went and tested it at the lake still only going 45-48 max

    Does anyone have any ideas to what might be wrong?

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    What are your RPM's?

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    If your in "Limp Mode" you will not even plane the craft so you can rule that out, did they hook it up to BUDS? it's normal to see polish or grind marks on the OEM props they do this to balance them.
    Press the "Set" button five times and see if you get a code and advise.

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    like Franko said... we need to know your RPMS.

    you're not in limp mode that's for sure, and the dealer can't manually turn off limp mode with their computer...

    you may have possibly sucked something up... then overheated.... possibly done some damage in the overheat which is restrciting your power....

    or you may have sucked something up and damaged the impeller badly and then the debris cleared out.

    or you may have blown the supercharger clutch.

    these 2 guys so far set you on the right track..... go press the set button 5 times repeatedly at a quick pace and see what the info center says.... it may say "END" or it may spit out some code numbers.... rememember the code numbers!!!!!!!!

    check codes, and verify your top RPMS.

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    The rpms are around 6,000.

    Thank you for your help

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    Does it shimmy/shake when you get to 6000 rpm ?

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    Another BOMBardier SeaDoo RXT/RXP SC failure!!!!!!!

    1. Find a new mechanic!
    2. 100% its your SC (supercharger clutch) that blew up!
    3. Read this link...
    4. Use your shop and wait 6+ weeks... like I did when I didn't know until it was too late... still waiting on mine since 8/5/05, I had to tell them what was wrong, they never heard of it. Since then now thay have 3 SC failures waiting behind mine... or call PPG who seem to know everthing on SeaDoos and can probabaly get it done in 1 week!
    5. OR do what Bomardier Sea Doo told me to do and don't jump waves or go fast... or turn or get it wet or start it.

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    murrbig youv'e got supercharger problems thats for sure try another dealer if its under warrenty any dealer can do it.

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    Amen it was the supercharger its getting fixed right now

    Thanks for the help everyone

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    When my supercharger went, the oil pump also went! Call your dealer and remind them, my service tech didn't think of it till I reminded him. The real bad news is that the oil pumps are on backorder until late November! See if your dealer will pull one off from one in inventory.

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