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    2006 GP1300r from stock to...?

    I purchased a 2006 GP1300R with 57 hours on it. Initial speeds with a full tank of gas were 60mph on GPS, with horrible cavitation out of the hole. With the help of Pale Rider, i discovered that i had 5 times the clearance that I should between the prop and the wear ring.

    I have purchased and installed a prop from Dave at Impros. it is a 13/20 DF. He said it would work very well on my ski even with no engine mods. I have not had a chance to test it out yet, but the clearance between prop and wear ring is within spec so i know this alone will help a lot with speeds and holeshot. I am hoping to at least be back in stock range for top speed.

    I have also purchased and received a 1200 Grate, PPK Kit, and Dplate. These have arrived and I will be installing them shortly. I will also be stepping the sponsons.

    On order from Carl is the holeshot kit, and Pump tunnel Reinforcement kit. I also ordered Leo's holeshot, but Carl did not know when there were going to be some more available.

    The ski also had some damage in the front end.

    Damage shots:

    This has since been repaired by a buddy of mine who is a body man. He repaired with bondo (for SMC) and body filler. Did a great job and it is really strong. The ski had a lot of scratches on it as well. I have sanded those out, wet sanded, and prepped the ski to be repainted. It will be getting painted this week (prep shot below).

    My goals for the ski are to have a real good holeshot, and decent top speed (70 would be nice).
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    Looks good !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Dubb View Post
    I also ordered Leo's holeshot, but Carl did not know when there were going to be some more available.
    Wait no holeshot kits? Did you talk to Leo directly via the number provided on the forum? If so it would be really disappointing to find out he isn't making them. I wanted one really bad and was about to call to try to get one.

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    Carl from Island Racing just said he didn't know when he was going to get them. Let me know if you hear otherwise as I have been trying to get one too!

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