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    Exhaust and Cold air intake mod STX 15F

    I was thinking about doing a cold air intake through the rear storage box and also doing away with the secondary muffler. What is the possibility of water ingestion if doing the cold air mod through the storage box? Would I see a significant improvement by doing these mods or should I just leave it alone?

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    i did it on my 12f and rode close to 100 hours last season. 0 issues, exhaust sounded nice, intake.... eh... not sure if it did anyhting on the 12f.

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    small improvement performance wise, 1mph, big improvement in sound quality.

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    I did that on my 15F, cold air intake & single water box.... ZERO problem and ZERO performance gain.
    You will gain some space in the engine compartment though after removing the air box and the right side muffler.

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    What is the best way to remove the secondary muffler?

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    The way riva says to do it, with a small bottle jack, works fine.

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