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    it is not running ritenow. put on brand new BNI carbs new fuellines think they may be on wrong. arrows mean in or out fuel?

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    Mine is labled "in" "out" "pulse". Look at the direction of the arrow. If it is pointed to the carb it is fuel into carb. If it is pointed away from the carb or toward the side of the carb it is "out" or to vent or in some conditions out to another carb "in". But I suspect it'll just "t" into the other "out" line and back to the tank.

    Be sure the line from the fuel filter is in the "in" side of the carb.

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    ok 2 ins 2 outs in from tank out to tank what gets the bigger copper male on the bottom of the first carb. its funny seems like my pulse hose is going to be much longer now.old carbs were diffrent

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    im not following your typing...please be more clear and specific.

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    all arrows pointing in come from the filter all arrows pointing out go back to the tank?

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    I love my xp to!!!
    But I just replaced battery, stator, starter, rectifier, some valve thing that controls how much air gets to the exhaust on and my epem box and key!!!!

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    Seems like you have the right idea about where the lines hookup.
    By not running do you mean it's not pulling the gas? Did you prime the carbs by covering the tops with a bag or something to help it pull the gas for the first time?
    Also, I'm just assuming that we're talking about a 787 powered xp, not a 720 or 951. I know your 787 should have an accelerator pump which can be used as a primer (honestly not sure about the 720 or 951)

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    yes that is a good idea.Ididnt even fire it up yet Ihave to finish the job,Carbs. I allso put the primer kit on the carbs.I think it will work good,when i bought my carbs.JAZZ motorsports they talked me in to it,i wonder why my pulse line is so long now from the block to the carb?Was about 3" now it needs to be about6.I hope i have the carbs on rite.

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