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    2002 GP1200R.. next mods?

    hello, new to the forum so if this is an over-asked question, i appologize.

    Ive got a 2002 GP1200R. mods include:

    Riva pump stuffers
    D-plate w/ chip
    ported heads
    carbon fiber reed
    wave eater powervalves
    solas 1319 prop
    riva power filter kit
    IR jetted carbs

    My question is where do i go from here and (because the pump stuffers, ported heads, and carbon fiber reeds were done by the previous owner) how to i go about, easily if possible, finding out if these mods are actually done. Im looking more for low-end accel for whipping the ski around. if i gain top speed then awesome but not worried about it.

    My thoughts are to buy a tunnel reinforcement, free-flow exhaust, and anti cav cone all at once. while im in there check for pump stuffers?? should have checked the reeds while i had the carbs off but i gotta get back in there to put the power filters on. next purchase would prob be the advent cdi..

    ANY input on helping me get this ski tuned and performing would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Dont everybody speak at once.. its hard to read through all this and take in all this info..

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    tunnel reinforcement, free-flow exhaust and advent t3 imo

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    Dynafly prop, Ho pump

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    What are pump stuffers?

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    pump seal kit

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