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    looking for nice registration numbers

    see jetskidetailing has some nice ones but i dunno if its a legit site anyone no where i can find some nice ones for my sho?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wave15stx View Post
    see jetskidetailing has some nice ones but i dunno if its a legit site anyone no where i can find some nice ones for my sho?
    It's a legit site. He is a GH member..

    I just replaced mine 3 days ago. I get mine from They have a Decal generator so you can see the final product before you order.

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    I will always try to support fellow members. That being said I was not aware we had a member doing this type of work. I found a site online that made a set for me several years ago. I actually created the numbers online w/my own font. The font I used is the same one that SeaDoo used on that year model (sea dog ?). Anyway, the quality was top notch and the new reg. numbers matched all the other decals on my ski. Looks like it came right out of the factory. If you want the info, let me know and I'll dig it up in my email...

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    Hardline or Stiffie make nice stickers

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    you can have a vinyl shop make them to your exact specs it's only about $20

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    exotic signs does custom reg numbers and they will do them match their custom vinyl for the skis

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