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    Question about the oil block off kits

    Ok I am getting a 2000 Gp1200R M edition from a jet ski mechanic(He has worked on skis for 20+ years) Anyways he is going to rebuild the engine, but my question is. I asked him if I should go to pre mix and he said unless you plan on doing modding or what not NO. All I plan on doing with the ski is leaving it stock just getting a D plate. But anyways he said once he rebuilds it he will lengthen the oil lines and he said it WILL NOT happen again. So if he does this will this work?

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    If you trust the guy and he does know what he is doing i would go with him. premix does solve the oil line problem but it can be a hassle. if you are the only one putting the gas and oil in its OK but i wouldn't trust just anyone to fill and mix the oil in my ski.

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    as long as he secures the lines well you should be fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    as long as he secures the lines well you should be fine
    +1 premix gets to be a real PITA!!

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    +2 on that one. Double clamp all the connections, keep a close eye on it and it should be ok... Did this to a buddies 99 gp1200 and its fine so far. Goodluck

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