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Thread: Stereo Question

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    Stereo Question

    I have an '08 c180. Is there any way to have two remotes for the stereo? I like having the one at the helm but i need one near the swim platform also. Has anyone done this? If so, what stereo were you using?
    Thanks for your help...

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    Just about any remote capable radio can work with 2 remotes. Go to a stereo shop and tell them what you are wanting to do and they should be able to hook you up. They will probably recommend a marine specific radio (which means the remotes should be water resisitant). If your boat has the water cover over the radio then you can put any radio in it. If your boat doesn't have the watercover you can get them for under $50. Good Luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by sdgtx View Post
    Just about any remote capable radio can work with 2 remotes.

    Good Luck

    How? There is only 1 input for a remote wire. I have had no luck finding a "splitter" to combine the two remote connections to go into the radio.
    If i had a reputable stereo shop near by i would have went there, that's why i thought i would try here.

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    If you are upgrading your radio you may want to consider an Alpine head unit and then you can use the Apine remote control part number (model RUE-M1EX). This unit is IR and has a range of 100 feet. Additional remotes can be added and they are marine grade and float.

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    I have the same boat as you. Assuming you still have the stock Jensen stereo like I do, you can order the Jensen MWR75 or MWR100 remote kit. It comes with another remote with a long cable. I can't remember the exact length, but it was somewhere between 19 and 27 feet. The remote can be connected with a Y adapater that allows using two remotes at once.

    The difference between MWR75 and MWR100 is that MWR100 has an LCD display that shows the radio station or the song from the iPod. I got this originally planning to upgrade the dash remote when I realized the other big difference: MWR100 needs a 2 3/4" opening, whereas MWR75 uses only a 2" opening, and there isn't enough room on the dash because of the way it's molded for the 2" opening.

    If you don't care about the display on the remote MWR75 is cheaper. Either one can fit in a number of places, like the port side where a passenger in the back seat can see and adjust. Or, you could mount it on the stern area above the swim platform if people hang out there much. The cord is also long enough to mount it in the bow area.

    BTW, I found that upgrading the stock speakers helped a lot with sound loudness and improved bass. I chose Polk Audio MM651 speakers. There are many good choices--just make sure you get marine-rated equipment. The stock Jensen can support 4 speakers and has pre-amp outs if you wanted to add an amp and subwoofer. Unless you are going for insane volume, that's more than enough.

    Also, some other brands make similar remotes, so if you later decide to upgrade to say a Clarion unit, their remotes will fit in the same hole(s). So, you can go the inexpensive, piecemeal upgrade and stop when you've got enough stereo for your needs. I would recommend this order:

    Replace stock speakers
    Add two more 6.5" speakers in the front
    Add an amp/sub if the bass isn't enough for you
    Upgrade head unit if you want
    Add remotes once you decide if you are keeping the head unit or have upgraded

    I'm thinking that the 4 6.5"s will be enough for me. I'm already surprised by the power they put out. I can feel the boat vibrate when I turn them up!

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    Fusion makes a splitter for their wired waterproof remotes. Here's my Fusion Install it's the 600 Series and totally waterproff

    Here's the remote---->

    Here's the splitter---->

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