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    SLH vibration question

    Hey guys an gals! Quick question for you all, I rebuilt the top end on my slh over the weekend. New oversized pistons, rebored cylinders, reconned carbs etc etc ( all done by a very good polaris shop) . When I put it in the water to try it out it has alot of vibration when you ride around at slow speeds. None while idling and past quarter throttle. I took the seat off and it seemed to stop but that might be just me. The crank seemed fine also when I had the cylinders off, a tiny tiny bit of side to side play but that was it. Its been put back together carefully etc etc. Funny thing is I didnt have this problem before. Any ideas? I can live with it but would like to have a rough idea of what it is. Could it be the slightly bigger pistons? I also had the carbs opened up a bit.

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    Did they remove the engine for the rebuild? May not be aligned properly.

    Check your motor mounts for damage or loose nuts. (try to lift the engine while inside the ski)

    Any chance the drive shaft got warped? (dropped, bent, etc)

    How's the jet pump bearings?

    Normally the oversized pistons won't add vibration. Unless you have 1 much more heavier than the other. (even then I doubt it would cause a bad vibration)

    It may be your carb adjustment too. If the carbs are misadjusted at low speeds, the engine will run rough and vibrate more.

    Looks like you have some homework to do. make sure to let us know what you find.

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    No the engine wasn't removed. Just the cylinders. I will check the jetpump bearings. The wear ring looks ok though. Its a strange one. Cant believe the difference in performance since I had her rebuilt. the acceleration I get now is awesome! I need to keep reminding myself to run her in gently. Surely as long as I dont go above 4-5000 rpm it will be fine.?

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    I had a similar problem after rebuilding one of my SL900's. I had to dial in the low speed screws, but then again I was also having idling issues and bogging down up to about 1/3 throttle.

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    Single or dual carburetors? I am being lazy and haven't looked it up myself

    If the carbs were adjusted to compensate for the weak engine, then you need to reset them to spec now that the engine has been freshened.

    Do pull the jet pump and check the bearings, and the splines at both ends (shaft, impeller, and engine coupler).

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    It has dual carbs. I dont have any idling issues but it does bog down a tad if you leave it idling in the water for a bit. I think the carbs were tweaked for a bit more performance at lower revs if that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj1987 View Post
    It has dual carbs...
    It may be running badly on one cylinder when in the 'vibration RPM range. And that may be one carb having a problem (clogged jet?) Thinking that one cylinder is running fine while the other is missing.

    Might be worth going through both carbs and making 100% sure they are good inside. Also check the jetting while you are in there.

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    yeah I will have a look at the carbs. They should be fine though as they have just had new jets, screens etc fitted by the polaris shop. Will look into all this stuff and get back to you all

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    hey guys. looked into it and I think it just must be the seat vibrating against the front end of the hull. When I stand up it goes away so I hope that is what it is. Got a few other wee things to do so that will keep me occupied for a bit .

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