My wife and i were in SD for TDY earlier this month. The last day there we ate at Mimi's cafe - one of those $11 an omelette cafe's. we were sitting in the back at a booth and Jena tells me that the group of guys sitting behind us are some big dudes. i looked back at them and told her we were right up the street from SD State and they were probably some football or baseball players. for some reason i looked back again and noticed the one guy with the white hat on looked an awful lot like Philip Rivers. He was there with most of his O-line. i'm guessing they were eating after some workouts considering how they were dressed. Phil is a big dude at 6'5" and i'm 6'3" 245lbs and been known to throw a weight or two around in the gym but his O-line were beastly. wasn't feeling comfortable asking for an autograph. sorry the picture quality sucks but we were trying to be incognito taking pictures. we also hit up the famous Phil's BBQ (seen on Man Vs Food), best ribs i have ever had in a restaurant, too much food, delicious Onion rings, i recommend it if you are ever out that way.

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