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    Pulse Nipple Came loose.

    I bought a 2001 xl800 that needed a new starter relay. Replaced the relay and tried to get it started, but no luck. It would start with starter fluid but not stay running. Pulled the carbs out and found clogged jets. Cleaned carbs and put it all back together. Cranked up fine and idled well. Took it to the river and it wouldn't get up over 5 mph. Crap. I though maybe I reversed vent/input fuel lines. While reaching my hand below the water box I felt air coming out from near the carb/intake area. Thought to myself I have a bad gasket. (stupid me that would be an are of suction not pressure) Anyway this time I pulled the water box as I knew it was a pain to get to carbs again. I found the nipple from the crankcase suppling the carb pump had pulled out of the engine. It's just a brass tube looks to be pressed in. It wasnt very tight, so I clean it up and the hole it sets in and put some red locktite on it. Hope it stays.

    Was wondering if any of you and experienced this issue and is the brass tube just a press in fit?

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    Yea you will be fine, I would have used 1211 bond or jb weld but the red loctite might work. They pull out sometimes when removign the lines, just like yours did.

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