I dropped my jet ski at Willoughby Boat Ramp Yesterday around 1330 and headed to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel for some Togging. The winds were a steady SW at 15-20 but tolerable. When I got to the First Island the tide was ripping out and I had a hard time getting my wreck anchor to hold around the rocks but I finally managed. I moved around a couple of times between the first and second with no bites. During this time my phone was ringing non-stop and I eventually had to call it an early day to get back to land and take care of some business.
Today is Tax Day, time to to pay the Piper. Some of us more than others. Give me a flat sales tax and make it fair for all! (Sorry had to voice my frustration) Here are some pictures I took this weekend. The first one is of the moon rising in my back yard last night.