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    Gp 1200r perfomance mods

    hey guys im looking at spending a bit of money on my ski and ive got the engine out atm and wondering about doing some things to the carbys any ideas to gain a bit more power ?

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    what are you looking for ??
    what mods are on the engine ??

    always a good read if your just starting out, or wanting to learn below

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    i want a bit more power down low for riding in the surf and a way to get least cavitation as possible. From what i can see the ski has in mods from previous owner is r&d ride plate R&D pump nozzle , riva heads not sure on what compression they are , D plate and thats about all i think that has been done so some ideas would help greatly and atm my ski needs an intermediate shaft and the impeller shaft so i was thinking on changing the impeller aswel so if someone could tell me on what a good one would suite me best that would help

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