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    Smile gp1200r oil block off kit

    What is included in the oil block off kit and what are they worth cos i was thinking bout just making the plate and gasket myself and blocking off the jets in the carbys for the oil injection but then what do you do about the oil tank considering it has a sensor that will put a light up on the dash when its too low. Do you just bridge the wires out or is there a resistor that you have to solder in there ?

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    This link will answer the question about the warning light. Hope it helps

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    yes this helps alot thankyou

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    Yep def good instructions there... they arent very expensive, but on my gp1200, I used an old aluminum cold air intake pipe from my car and made mine. Used the gasket off the oil injection and some gasket sealant. Works like a charm. As much as this hobby cost, anything to save a buck, I am all for it

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