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    2000 GTX 951 issue

    Hello all,

    I bought a 2000 GTX with a 951. Has 150 total hours on it. Looks like the top end has been redone once already. I bought it not running. Had to replace the MPEM (fried on a jump start). I rebuilt the carbs and replaced the fuel lines. When I was putting the carbs back on I noticed the pulse line for the rave valve circuit was not contected to the nipple on the cases. I crossed my fingers and put it back on. Anyway I took it and my other ski to the lake today. My wife was driving it with no issues (but she doesnt drive very fast 40 mph max). Got back to the dock and I took it out. It was running very well and put up 60 on the speedo in the ski with no problem. I did notice that around 3/4 throttle that the engine would pull harder passing through about 40 mph like a hitting a power band on an old 2 stroke bike. I continued riding for awhile and was just cruising around 50 and it just lost power and died. I hit the starter and it turned over fine. It started back up afer about 3 seconds on the starter. The problem repeated itself at 50 again. I rode it back to the dock. My wife wanted to ride it and she had no problems with it. She didn't try to ride it over 40. I looked at the plugs and did a compression test at home. The compression is 140 front 133 rear. Rear plug was a little damp. Anyone have any ideas on this?

    Thanks in advance

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    When it did die did the dash go out and did you have to take the key back off and reset it or left it on and restarted it?

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    The display kept working
    Didn't have to mess with the key
    No DESS beeps before or after

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    Did you check your carbs? fuel lines and fuel filter? A cloged fuel valve may cause less fuel geting to the carbs at hi speed . Hope it helps.

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