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    Seadoo 3d Limp Mode

    Hi Guys and Girls

    Took my Seadoo 3D out on the Water today and feels like its stuck in Limp mode,
    Runs fine on back of trailer, seems to be when i put it into the water that doesnt give all the Power

    no mater how much throttle i give get same output, slow as heck

    I have check cable connections etc, could it be Battery was a really bad winter, this is its first time on the water since last year

    help needed

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    the 3D does not have a "limp mode". what year is the 3D? sounds like you need to do a compression check. I would replace the battery also. if you left it in the ski and just charged it that could be an issue as these machines are finicky about getting exactly 12.5V. I also suspect the carbs need cleaned

    ...clarification on my post....a carbed 951 doesnt have limp mode
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    is it the 800rfi or the 951di

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    Its a Seadoo 3d 2005 rfi 781.6cc

    Shop manual says there is a limp mode???

    when i have it in water does not go over a certain speed revs no mater how far pull the throttle

    What voltage should i get across the battery 12.5??

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    check the voltage while running, if its reading lower than when its not running your regulator/rectifier might be bad, I've seen them play up like yours with bad rectifiers.
    check for water in your fuel.
    fuel delivery.

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    Will do update tomorrow

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    I had a similar problem with my DI and it turned out to be the regulator. Supposedly they are a common problem with rfi's and di's. You can either test for voltage at the battery or unplug the plug with two wires on the regulator and check for voltage there. The three yellow wires are the stator output. If I remember correctly I unpluged that plug and checked for continuity between those three wires and on leg of it was open and I was getting no voltage output on the two wire plug.

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    Guys took the plugs out and they were oily black, thought the worst, replaced them and ran on trailer for twenty mins, took it out on water and whoo hooo power was back, just to note i also fullly charged the battery to be sure

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    Ran it on the trailer for TWENTY MINUTES wont this fry your carbon ring HARD?

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    hopefully in the water on the trailer

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