Hi guys
I am a new member of the forum but using your helpful info for ages.

I have a 2003 GP1200R Australian edition. No Cat.

I have had what seems to be a misfire on number 3 cylinder for around 5 months. Since I bought it second hand.
It idles fine and seems to fire down low in the revs but won't go over 70km/h (45mph) and 6000rpm. It has a popping sound when I think the misfire is underway.

Some history...
The ski had a failure in 2009 (due to a blocked carby), requiring a carb rebuild and a top end rebuild. All seemed good, so the previous owner said anyway.

ok, here is a list of things I have changed trying to fix this thing.

Compression - all good 117, 120, 122 psi. The 122 psi is the one not firing. Thought maybe the head gasket. 3 bond gasket down. Compression still good.

Power valves - one lifting pin had come loose (on cyc 3). replaced all and put waveaters on. Checked for cyling and they open and turn freely.

Spark plugs - changed numerous times. 3rd cyl plug always has black insulator, other two tan colour and a bit oily but look good. 3rd cyl plug always looked clean with no carbon buidup from actually firing. Not oily like the other two though. Still the same now.

Ignition Lead - changed 3rd lead with another one. When I pull the third lead off and run it gets to same top speed and revs but feels slightly slower out of the hole. Seems to be getting a little bit of spark down low then nothing.

Ignition Coil - bought brand new coil, no difference.

Heads - pulled the head. Everything looked good. thought maybe the gasket

Carby's - checked them again, cleaned jets (just in case), all look good. Got them checked by a specialist and checked out good.

Fuel Selector - bypassed (definitely getting fuel) If it wasn't surely would have seized up over the last 5 months.

Reeds - They were pretty worn and had a few burny carbon looking marks on them. Threw some carbon techs in. No difference (maybe a little bit more down low but no top speed still)

CDI - got a spare one off a mate, no difference

Electrical Box - got a spare one off a mate (same mate as above), tested the resistance of the electrical connection from the cdi to the coils, all checked out the same. Swapped the plug from the CDI to the Stator wiring plug inside the engine bay. No difference.

Stator - swapped for another one from same mate. No difference.

Out of ideas guys.
I haven't checked anything bottom end wise yet. Not sure I can be bothered anymore.

Anything down there that could cause this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Steve