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    how to gain more power down low gp1200r

    hey guys was wondering if anyone of you jetski experts could tell me how to get more power down low im sorta new to the seen and only realising wat mods have been upgraded on my ski from previous owner. From what i can see its got riva heads not sure on what compression ratio they are tho its got r and d ride plate with an r and d pump nozzle. Wouldnt have a clue on what impeller it is tho . IT has the d plate in the exaust and was wondering on what would happen if i were to remove the plate ? It looks like its got the water bypass kit not to sure tho and im pretty sure im doing around 110 Kmh on the water reading off my gauge and comparing it to racing to other skis just a rough estimate tho. Im not too fust on the top end speed would like it to take off a bit harder and wouldnt mind sacrificing a bit of top end speed to gain more down low so if anyone could give me some idead on what i should be doing that would be very helpful

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Leo's holeshot kit. I'm about to get one, they fill the void under the back deck and get rid of the lip that catches water on take off.

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    do not remove your dplate, you need it.

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    Freeflow is an easy mod if you don't already have it. On MY ski, it gave 2+ ski lengths

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