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    Oil pump drive question

    Hey all! So im rebuilding my slh700 this weekend. I remove the oil pump to fit the blanking plate and i cant get the tiny drive shaft out. It has a millimeter of end float but wont come. I also see in the manual that there is no oil pump drive shaft listed for the 700 model (in the breakdown of the oil injection system). So i just fitted the plate anyways. Do you think that was the right thing to do?

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    THe oil pump is driven by either a slot in the end of the flywheel nut or a plastic cap that fits over the nut with the slot in it. If it has the plastic cap I would recommend removing the flywheel cover and getting that plastic cap off the nut so it doesnt end up floating around in there...

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    ok will do that. Thanks alot for getting back to me! Hopefully i will be answering questions some day instead of posting them haha

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