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Thread: Surfside Sunday

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    Surfside Sunday

    I am prob going to surfside on sunday to jump the waves. I am taking a buddy, and my g/f just wants to go to lay out on the beach...

    Is there anywere on surfside that you can basically "beach" the jet skis and somewere for her to lay out/keep the beer?

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    did ya ever make it down to surfside?

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    We're up for surfside! Post up next trip.

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    Find a good beach spot with decent waves? Let me know, want to make a trip down there for surf riding soon.

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    Nah, the safest spot, and I use that term very cautiously, is on the back side of the Galveston side of san luis pass, both Surfside and Galveston have really strong rip currents on the gulf side and if you get on the back there is really nice flat calm water, you also don't have to worry as much about getting stuck with a beached ski a hundred feet from the shore or a ski that slowly floats away, its also a steeper shoreline so you can launch easier without getting your truck washed away by the waves (learned from experience).


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