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    Perfect Pass Question.

    Hello all I am new to this forum.
    I own a 05 Yamaha AR230Ho and I am very very jealous of you Sea Doo guys with your Perfect Pass set up. I was wondering how you guy's like it pros/cons and wondering if anyone can come up with a picture of how it hooks up to the throttle linkage. The reason I ask is Yamaha has no plans for letting the PP people make a set up for our boats. If the Sea Doo arrangement will work but needs to have a different bracket at the throttle linkage on the Yamaha then I might consider buying one and adapting it to work on my boat.

    Any thoughts?

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    perfect pass is a cruise control of you go to some boat sites they have kits you can buy not sure if it will work for double engines

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    Being rasied on ski's i'll swear by Perfect Pass!! If you've ever tried to waterski with your wife or friend who had no idea what to do and you end up either 15 over or 15 under you understand.
    You set the speed of your run then go wide open with the throttle, Speed pass does the rest"The Perfect Pass"

    I've retrofitted a few, most motors have somewhat similar throttle set-ups(Not the same,Similar) so a retrofit should'nt be super tough.

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    Any web site info?


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