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    What do you think these are worth?

    My boss bought 2 Wave runners in 08, they both have 5 to 10 hours on them.

    200 FX SHO Cruiser and an 2008 VX Cruiser. All Stock...

    They have the 5 year warranty too.

    Has everything covers, vest and everything to go with them....

    He does have a Triton double aluminum trailer that I might buy...

    Has has the titles on all 3.... I know he isn't looking to get rid of them for a give away.
    He doesn't need the money..

    I couldn't fine any on ebay...

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    I may take the SHO if the price is right.
    I dont want to lowball an offer so if he's an aggresive seller message me what he needs to get for it.

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    What's the right price? I check craig's list and ebay and I could find anything. It's sad they are just sit in his driveway covered. He is in Manalapan, so he is close. If I remember the Sho is Blue. I know when I bought mine last year, I walked out paying with a trailer, taxes and plates for a little over 13k. Shot me a price and I will tell him and we will see what happens...
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